Pannonia Golf & Country Club
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Pannonia Golf & Country Club is the leading golf club in Hungary since its foundation in 1996. In addition to sporting events, we have been involved in organizing numerous weddings, family and corporate events for over 20 years.
Our main goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for you, your family and friends on the big day, with professional service, plus with a unique milieu of the picturesque Máriavölgy and the historic clubhouse.
Our staff are all excellent professionals in their field who have many years of experience in making the wedding a joyful task for you

We hope that our brief introduction below will interest you and make your dream wedding happen at Pannonia Golf & Country Club!

 Pannonia teracce

Our restaurant located in the clubhouse provides a unique atmosphere for the event. With wedding ceremony equipment, we can offer seating for 95 people.
The 400 m2 terrace belonging to the restaurant can be used as a venue for conversations and programs during the day and in the evening.


Pannonia Junior Academy & Suites

We opened our 10-room accommodation at the heart of the club’s garden in 2019.
The air-conditioned rooms with elegant interior, offer wonderful views of the clubhouse and the lake.
In the wedding package we provide 1 room for the newlywed couple free of charge.


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