GolFiesta Ranglistaverseny - Pannónia Golf & Country Club

Absolutely loaded field, morning and afternoon session from 1st & 10th tee, incredible heat and a wonderfully prepared golf course: these are the major features of the GolFiesta tourmament. Together with our partner we organized the biggest tournament of the golf season thanked to the refrees, livescorers and to the players themselves, who made it possible to coordinate a massive field without any disruptions.
We saw fantastic scores in every categories but Csányi Olivér delivered something which was clearly from another level: he fired 6 under PAR 66 (35;31) which gave him the gross trophy by far, even though Sárközi Richard and Meznerics Gergely also played beautifully (73-73).

Such an exceptional day is now behind us when both players and organizers left the Golf Club with a smile on their face. Special thanks to GolFiesta for choosing us for hosting the season’s biggest tournament which was again a mark on our successful ongoing partnership.

Like always, we congratulate to the winners and to every participants, it was a great accomplishment that every players returned their scorecards on such a hot day!
See you on Sunday at Kempinski Ranking Tournament, which is the second event of the Pannonia Challenge Tour.