Local rules


For the safety and wellbeing of all our golfers and guests, we ask that you please observe and abide by our Local Rules.

1. Observe all local rules on the Notice Board.

2. Repair divots, pitch marks and rake sand bunkers.

3. Trolleys are not allowed between sand bunkers and greens. EZ-GO’s are not allowed within 10 meters of greens.

4. No practice swings on the teeing grounds.

5. Avoid slow play.

6. Soft spikes only.

7. Maximum number of players per flight – 4.

8. The golf course is fenced with an electric fence. If not marked with white stakes the fence marks the Out of Bounds boundary.

9. Boundary markings:

White – out of bounds
Yellow – water hazard
Red – lateral water hazard
Blue – ground under repair

10. Distance markings from centre of fairway to the front edge of green except on par 3s (centre of green):

Red – 50 metres
Blue – 100 metres
Yellow – 150 metres
White – 200 metres

11. Ground Under Repair: Drop out at nearest point of relief. (Not nearer the hole.)

12. Stones in Bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule 24-1 applies.

13. Distance Markers, Sprinkler Heads, Roads, Stone Paths and Bridges are Immovable Obstructions. Rule 24-1 applies.

14. Hole 16th right side is considered a waste bunker. Players may ground their clubs.

15. The entire lake at the 17th hole is defined as a water hazard. Players have the option when a ball lies in the hazard of dropping in the dropping zone under penalty of one stroke.

16. Do not enter the heavy rough with EZ-GO’s.

17. If a young tree with either a stake, mesh wire, or with a water pipe protruding from the ground beside it, interferes with a player’s stance or swing the ball must be lifted and dropped within one club length from the nearest point of relief without penalty. (Not nearer the hole)

Wishing you an enjoyable golfing experience,
The Management of the Pannonia Golf & Country Club