Club rules

Club policy

For the health and safety of golfers and our guests, we ask you to comply with the following local rules.

General rules

1. The regulations for the use of the golf course apply to all golfers and guests staying in the facility.

2. The golfer being on the golf course must comply with the general rules of the sport of golf, the Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Golf Federation and the local rules defined by Máriavölgy Zrt., and the local rules.  Violation of these can be sanctioned by Máriavölgy Zrt.

 3. All players and players who are only practicing as well must register at the reception before using any part of the facility. Use of the golf course and driving range is possible after that.

Tee Time booking

4. Booking and cancelation only possible through the GOLFiGO system. The following information is required for tee time booking:

The player’s name

Number of possible guests (Guest).

Name of other services (e.g. golf cart)

Máriavölgy Zrt asks both members and guest players for bank card and address information only for security purposes. The reserved tee time can be canceled based on the followings:

Outside of 48 hours before teetime – free of charge

Within 48 hours before teetime, but outside of 24 hours – 25% of the current green fee price.

Within 24 hours before teetime, but outside of 12 hours – 50% of the current green fee price.

Within 12 hours before teetime, or not at all – 100% of the current green fee price.

If the player fails to cancel the tee time and does not show up at the booked time, the amounts detailed above will be deducted from the bank card provided at the time of booking.

5. Reservation for certain periods can be connected to the different type of memberships by the Máriavölgy Zrt. These periods are publicly announced.

6. It is possible to book a tee time before the start of the game at different times depending on the type membership: 14 days for Basic, junior, Silver, Pannonia start, 16 days for Shareholders, 20 days for Gold, Diamond.  To guarantee an earlier reservation, the club may require a deposit or other form of security.  In this case, the reservation can only be considered final if the security deposit is settled by the deadline. A tee time reservation without a guarantee cannot be considered final.

 7. One player or flight can book more than one appointment on the same day.

 8. The reception can refuse a flight reservation for one person or offer connection to flights for 2 or 3 people.

 9. During periods of high occupancy, the reception can combine flights with another smaller number of flight to 4 people.

Check in and start of the round

10. Players are requested to register and check in at the reception desk at least 10 minutes before the reserved tee time.

11. Golfers playing and practicing golf at Pannónia Golf & Country Club facilities must have a valid green fee card that guarantees the right to play, which is electronic. Players and Guests may only stay in designated areas of the golf course.

12. A Green Fee card provides playing rights for 9 or 18 holes. Starting time is possible at the tee time indicated on it.  If the players do not keep the time and place for the beginning of the round, the right to play is terminated. A new appointment can be requested after re-registering at the reception.

13. The Green Fee card and/or the Membership card must be presented to the employees of the golf course who are present.

14. Club membership cards are received electronically by all club members in their GOLFiGO account.  Greenfee cards are sent to the specified email address.

15. Before the start of the game, the reception may ask the player to verify the value of the handicap. If an unrealistic handicap value is entered, the right to play may become invalid.

Basic rules for being on the golf course

16. In cases not regulated by the local or house rules of the Pannónia Golf & Country Club, the rules of golf and the regulations of golf etiquette apply. The rules of the Pannonia Golf & Country Club can be found at The club reserves the right to amend the rules in justified cases.

17. You can start the game on the golf course from the tee box specified in the registration. Each hole is only allowed to be played in regular order.

18. All players must have their own golf bag and equipment, otherwise they must rent it at the reception.  Playing golf with more than one set of clubs is prohibited.

19. At one tee time, a maximum flight of 4 people can start the round at the same time.

20. At least 1 pitch fork per player is mandatory in order to repair pitch marks caused on the greens. The player must show the pitch fork to the starter or the player’s assistant. If the Marshal notices that the player does not correct the pitch mark he/she caused on the green, Máriavölgy Zrt. may impose sanctions in accordance with point 45 of the regulations.

21. Only the use of soft spike shoes is allowed on the field.

22. On the golf course and in the practice areas, players should always take care of their own and others’ physical health. They protect the physical integrity of their fellow athletes with their prudent and cautious behavior during a golf shot or practice swing!

23. Non-compliance with the golf and local rules may be sanctioned by the club, which may include a fine and/or a temporary or permanent ban on the right to play.  In such a case, the club has no obligation towards the affected player to compensate for the incomplete round or refund the field usage fee.

24. In order to enjoy playing golf, players are assisted by course employees to play safely, according to local and golf rules and golf etiquette.  If a violation of these is detected, the employees of the course are entitled to warn and initiate sanctions.

25. Employees of the golf course are entitled to check the player’s identity and eligibility to play.  In the case of false personal information or false data confirming the right to play, the club will immediately prohibit the game and, if necessary, take appropriate legal action. In the event of unauthorized play, the golfer must leave the course immediately upon request from the course staff.

26. If the club management considers that the weather or other conditions do not allow safe play, the game can be stopped on the course. This is signaled by the designated horn. In the event of lightning and/or after the long horn, all golfers must stop playing and leave the course. Failure to comply with this is considered a serious violation and the club is entitled to sanction.

The pace of the game

27. All members of the flight should be at the first tee no later than 5 minutes before the booked tee time.

28. In accordance with the rules of the game of golf, the players are obliged to pay attention to the pace of play. The maximum playing time for 18 holes is 4.5 hours, and 2 and ¼ hours for 9 holes. In case of a slower pace, the next faster flight has an advantage.  Golf course employees can warn players in the case of slow play, and in more serious cases can prohibit the continuation of the game.

29. The slower flight must let go of the faster flight behind it if it is at least 1 hole behind the ones in front.

30. Overtaking a slower flight by skipping holes is not allowed. If necessary, ask the reception for help.

31. On weekdays, in order to speed up the game, flights with smaller number of players must let go. On weekends, flights for 4 people have priority.

32. Flights participating in the competition have an advantage over those not participating in the competition.

33. A 1-person flight cannot overtake or hold up another flight.

Preservation of the golf course

34. Both the player and the caddy must pay attention to the integrity of the course for safe and enjoyable playing time.

35. In order to preserve the quality of the game and the course, the players are obliged to take care and repair the damages (divot, pitchmark) on the course in accordance with the rules.  The hit out divot must be replaced.

36. The ball that has fallen into the bunker must be approached by the shortest possible route and after being hit, it must be restored to its original form with the rake located next to it.

37. With golf cart and trolley the greens can be approached with a maximum of 10 meters. Crossing over greens, tee boxes, water hazards, and bunkers is prohibited.

38. The integrity of greens must be taken care of, it is not allowed to remove the ball from the hole with a club. Care must be taken to remove the flagstick and then return it to its original state.

39. Trash cans and ashtrays are available on the course.  Please protect the environment and take care of the integrity of the course.


40. You cannot hit if there are people within 1.5 times of the hitting distance.  When hitting or  during a practice swing, make sure that no one is in the range of the shot.  When another player is hitting a golf shot, do not stay in his line of sight and do not disturb the golfer with loud speech or other noise.

41. If the faster flight has passed, you must wait for them to reach a distance equal to 1.5 times the hitting distance.  As long as the distance is not maintained, the game cannot be continued.

42. If the ball flies in the direction of another player after hitting it, it must be signaled to the bystanders by shouting “Fore”.

43. The electric car can only be driven by a player or guest registered during registration (over 14 years old).  In accordance with the rules of the club, he/she is obliged to comply with the relevant rules, ensuring and maintaining the technical condition recorded during the delivery of the vehicle.  If you notice an abnormal condition before the game, please report it to the reception.


44. A Máriavölgy Zrt az élvezetes és biztonságos sportolás érdekében a golfsport, a golf etikett és a helyi szabályok megsértését szankcionálja.

45. Az eset súlyosságától függően és ismételt szabálysértések fennállásakor az alábbi módon szankcionálható a játékos: szóbeli vagy írásbeli figyelmeztetés, pénzbírság 50 EUR, a következő alkalommal 100 EUR vagy annak megfelelő forintösszegben. A pénzügyi szankció sikertelensége esetén ideiglenesen vagy véglegesen is visszavonható a játékjog és a klubtagság is.

46. A golfautókban történő károkozásért a bérlő a teljes költség megfizetésére kötelezhető. A golfautókon található hamutartók eltűnése, vagy sérülése esetén a klub 50 euro vagy annak megfelelő forintösszeg többletköltséget terhel a bérlőre.

47. Range labda használat esetén figyelmeztetés nélkül kiszabható birság 500 euro vagy annak megfelelő forintösszeg.


44. For the sake of enjoyable and safe playing time, Máriavölgy Zrt sanctions violations of golf, golf etiquette and local rules.

45. Depending on the severity of the case and in case of repeated violations, the player may be sanctioned in the following manner: verbal or written warning, fine of EUR 50, the next time EUR 100 or the equivalent HUF amount.  If the financial sanction is unsuccessful, the right to play and the club membership can be revoked either temporarily or permanently.

46. ​​For damage to golf carts, the renter may be required to pay the full cost.  In the event that the ashtrays on the golf carts are missing or damaged, the club will charge the renter an additional cost of 50 euros or the equivalent HUF.

47. In the case of using a range ball on the course, a fine of 500 euros or the equivalent HUF amount can be imposed without warning.

Cancellation policy


48. Only the products of the Pannónia Terasz restaurant may be consumed in the clubhouse area.

49. Shoes must be cleaned before entering the clubhouse, if justified.

Wishing you a successful game full of golfing experiences,

Management of the Pannonia Golf & Country Club